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Steve Reviews: The Ringing Bell (Chirin's Bell)

This time Steve Reviews The Ringing Bell, a film that has been highly requested for some time now. It follows the tragic tale of a little lamb named Chirin, and despite being targeted towards kids, has a very dark story line, with some intense scenes of violence.
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  1. Steve Reviews

    Steve Reviews

    پیش سال

    Ok I'm seeing a lot of comments theorising what the film's moral could be and whether it even intended to have one. After seeing a couple of comments below and doing some research online, it appears that in the original book Chirin ends up ambushing the wolf, and admits that he had always intended to kill him someday in order to seek revenge. But after killing the wolf, Chirin realises that getting his revenge did not bring him happiness, and admits that he actually loved the wolf as a teacher and a father figure. THIS would actually fit the moral that it is wrong to become consumed with revenge, but I guess the film thought that would have been too dark for Chirin's character, and so made out that he only killed the wolf to protect the other sheep. Which unfortunately ends up clouding the message of the story. So yeah, mystery solved team!

    • Julia Razumeeva

      Julia Razumeeva

      پیش 10 روز

      darkest bloody movie

    • Me


      پیش 20 روز

      I honestly thought Chirin was going to become the wolf's underling in order to get his revenge on him in the end. I was kinda confused when that didn't end up being the case.

    • showman139


      پیش ماه

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    • pon2oon


      پیش ماه

      The moral? Stupid is as stupid does!

    • Danny Elle Sun

      Danny Elle Sun

      پیش ماه

      I think that the story teaches us a very important lesson and that it isn't that hard to understand. We are just not used to seeing protagonists that have a sad ending. Is Chirin's ending that sad tho? Maybe it is sad but I don't think it is undeserved. Let's analyze his actions. He went to the wolf in the beginning with the desire to kill him. He wanted revenge. But as he contemplated the situation further Chirin had a new desire. He realized that his world was cruel. He got scared. He saw that the wolf was not scared. Therefore he wanted to be like him. He wanted to have the power to not fear life anymore. Chirin didn't realize that lack of fear doesn't necessarily mean that he will live a good life. After his training with Woe he finally achieved what he really wanted: Power and Freedom. And I think THAT is what the story is trying to teach us: The price for power and freedom is very high. It is undeniable that Chirin achieved those. He was stronger than the wolf and he could do anything he wanted. In the process Chirin lost himself. Everybody is sad because of the ending of the story, they are sad for Chirin but come on. When he was training with the wolf we could clearly see that Chirin changed drastically. The animation itself is pretty violent and for a reason. It clearly signifies that Chirin is changing in a bad way. As he became strong and free he forgot about his hatred for the wolf but also about his love for him mother. You cannot tell me that you didn't feel a chill down your spine after the wolf tells Chirin to attack his old home and he just agrees to it. It is true that in the end Chirin himself sees that he has lost his way. He sort of reawakens when he sees the other mother protecting her child. But it is too late. The sheep already see him as a dangerous creature and they do not accept him. He has already killed a lot of animals when he was training and killed the dogs DESPITE THE FACT that he doesn't need to feed on them. He can just eat grass. If you remember, Chirin himself is confused in the beginning of the story about Woe's reason for eating sheep and in Woe's case the reason was pretty solid: wolves eat meat. Just meat. That's just how it is. His confusion in the beginning is another solid proof that he has changed a lot. Chirin doesn't have to kill. And yet he still did it. He wasn't a wolf but he wasn't a sheep either. Not only that but he rejected both sides: Chirin doesn't acknowledge his former home where he grew up in when the wolf tells him to kill everyone in it, and then Chirin kills the wolf who he saw as a father, thus rejecting the home he has. You can't really have a home without any family members, can you? Chirin made bad decisions in life and suffered the consequences. And so we see that the road to achieving power and freedom apparently leads to extreme solitude. And I think that THAT is the lesson. Or maybe the lesson is purely "Be careful what you wish for". Yes, what happened to Chirin was sad and just accepting his fate would have been even sadder but he did get what he wanted. He worked hard and he did it: sheep too can be strong like wolves are. But that's the thing: He didn't want to become a "strong sheep". He wanted to become a "wolf". Rejecting the state you are in is one thing, rejecting your entire being is another. It is good to want to be better than you are but you should never forget where you started from. If I were to think of a world for Chirin to have a better ending I can think only of this: He should have gotten stronger, maybe through other means or just not by killing, just fighting ( he would've gotten those horns either way); then he should've ditched the wolf (he doesn't owe him anything, Woe killed his mother) come back home to protect everyone; then maybe the wolf would have come to attack and Chirin would've killed him but not for the sake of revenge but for the sake of stopping the same tragedy from happening again. See how much better this scenario is? It because Chirin doesn't do anything wrong AND gets a happy ending. But Chirin made mistakes. And now we can learn from them. I truly think this is a very good story only it is too profound for children. It has too much symbolism for children to get, like the changing colors in certain parts of the story. And thus the message might be lost on them. They might understand that what Chirin chose to do did not help him get a happy ending but they might not understand what exactly it is that he did wrong. Chirin got what he wanted but lost what he had before. Then again, this is only my interpretation. :) Honestly this story reminded me VERY MUCH about Attack on Titan. At first I too was sad about the ending but mostly I was confused. And that's why I felt like I should analyze the story a bit more. I like it more than the book now. It makes you think about a lot of things. Now that I wrote this I realize that Chirin made a lot of bad choices. Rather than the story of a hero this is the sad story of a villain who doesn't get a second chance. Again: This is only from my perspective. What do you think, @Steve Reviews ?

  2. Christine Bouzas

    Christine Bouzas

    پیش 2 روز

    I think the message is about how an obsession can turn you into the very thing you hate as well as that revenge doesn’t always lead to a happy ending

  3. Spider Jeranimo

    Spider Jeranimo

    پیش 3 روز

    "Hello. My name is Chirin Montoya. You killed my mother. Prepare to teach me."

    • Olll49


      پیش روز

      Later in the movie "I remember that you killed my mother, prepare to die mortal"

  4. o0h _Deer

    o0h _Deer

    پیش 4 روز

    What made me cry is when he at first didn’t realize she was dead

  5. Brian K

    Brian K

    پیش 4 روز

    This might have already been mentioned here, but I'd like to point something out about the bell. It's an old animal husbandry (ranching) custom in some areas of the world to designate a young male from the herd or flock as the "bellwether." The bellwether is castrated and specially conditioned to be the most responsive to the rancher's calls, while simultaneously being the one member of the herd/flock to which other members tend to follow or gather around, for the purposes of easier herding and field rotation. Hence, the poignant, if subtle, cosmic irony: Chirin was meant to lead his flock, but instead lost himself to the monstrosity which stole his mother's life and his innocence. It's poetic when you think about how he was supposed to live a life of contentment and companionship...only to be left abandoned to a cruel fate of solitude, all because he could not accept his grief and make peace with himself.

  6. Brittany Rich

    Brittany Rich

    پیش 7 روز

    Am I the only one that thinks some Japanese anime have disturbing bloody violence

  7. Alexandra Ghanem-Latour

    Alexandra Ghanem-Latour

    پیش 7 روز

    Chirin has horns like a wildebeest, kinda

  8. Gabbi McGuire

    Gabbi McGuire

    پیش 8 روز

    If lambs are a Dora Ball ... this might ruin your childhood

  9. S H Mahon

    S H Mahon

    پیش 10 روز

    Some highland cows have front facing horns

  10. Devon Reed

    Devon Reed

    پیش 11 روز

    I had to pause the video at the Littlefoot-Sharptooth hybrid until I stopped laughing so I wouldn't miss anything. I knew when it said 777k views that I hit the jackpot.

  11. B Miller

    B Miller

    پیش 11 روز

    Sheep are assholes. Im totally convinced 😭👏

  12. SkakLordOfDaHunt


    پیش 11 روز

    At the end, chiron looks a lot like griffith. I think it's the combination of the atmosphere and the eyes.

  13. Revelint Biohazard

    Revelint Biohazard

    پیش 13 روز

    You know I do like to kill my dog if he kill my little cat

  14. Grace Archer

    Grace Archer

    پیش 13 روز

    I think when the wolf told Chirin that one thing must die for another to live that some of that got lost in translation. I think the real translation goes along more like some things are meant to die while others live, and the hard truth of that. So when the wolf saw that Chirin didn't die from the fall, whirlpool, etc. , he knew that he was meant to live, and later tried to force him to kill the sheep because he believed they were meant to die. So maybe just more about having a predisposition on nature and the duality of how it can be both cruel and beautiful.

  15. Jaden Bryant

    Jaden Bryant

    پیش 14 روز

    I think the shrek one was mean to be dark comedy

  16. Beylar


    پیش 14 روز

    With the deviation form the book that the movie made, the moral becomes very ambigious. I got solitary message that can be summed up as "Life's not fair."

  17. Sion Peters

    Sion Peters

    پیش 14 روز

    If I was he I would have gone and kill the rest of the sheep

  18. Dolan Williams

    Dolan Williams

    پیش 15 روز

    do twilight of the cockroaches

  19. Maurice040684


    پیش 15 روز

    I think the moral is "Don`t betray your true nature". The sheep wanted to become a wolf, because it wanted to become strong. But as you mentioned this makes him some kind of "unnatural animal" (-> the hornes). The other sheeps don`t accept him anymore, because "he is no real sheep anymore". I think the "right way" whould have been to become a "strong sheep"- not a "strong sheep-wolf-something".

  20. Layne Martin

    Layne Martin

    پیش 15 روز

    Knowing what I know about Japanese morals I think its the strength of self reliance coupled with the otherness of leaving the safety of the herd... neither are bad but they can not coexist

  21. Reba Hashiri

    Reba Hashiri

    پیش 15 روز

    What was the name of that movie you showed when the dog shot the guy in the face with his gun, that looked interesting

    • IamDragonFury


      پیش 13 روز

      that was Plague Dogs.

  22. Black Express

    Black Express

    پیش 15 روز

    I screamed and laughed at the same it went like:AHhHhHahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  23. Tyler Tenebrae

    Tyler Tenebrae

    پیش 15 روز

    I swear I heard this story already but with people instead of sheep and with demon instead of wolf and the main character also becomes a demon, I think? And the demon doesn't just kill his mother but destroys the whole village while he was away.

  24. Hanna G

    Hanna G

    پیش 15 روز

    There are animals with horns growing to face forward like that. Wildebeast, as an example, but also some Highland cattle and english longhorn can have their horns grow like that. I'm not really sure why or how that occurs but it does. Some double horned sheep also have some wacky horns.

  25. inukoinu


    پیش 15 روز

    don’t forget Sanrio also made Aggretsuko but that series is in here in the future-

  26. Nickie Sagas

    Nickie Sagas

    پیش 15 روز

    that reminds me on how zorro goes to mihawk to train with him to finally defeat him XD

  27. aceshighdueceslow


    پیش 15 روز

    I think Sondheim (by way of Sweeney Todd) said it best: "to seek revenge may lead to Hell, but everyone does it"

  28. Maia


    پیش 16 روز

    Someone tell him about Aggretsuko ,

  29. Surfer Dog03

    Surfer Dog03

    پیش 16 روز

    Moral of the story seems like Sheep 🐑 = Asshole 🍩

  30. Selene Ambrosia

    Selene Ambrosia

    پیش 16 روز

    Does a story have to have a moral/morals or have to try teach a moral/morals, why can't a story be just a story.

  31. Official Renegades

    Official Renegades

    پیش 16 روز

    “Oh my god its scar fa- I MEAN the bad wolf!” *farthing wood flashbacks intensify*

  32. glitch dragon101

    glitch dragon101

    پیش 16 روز

    Bambi but bambi kills the hunter lol

  33. Leopardus jacobita

    Leopardus jacobita

    پیش 16 روز

    I've seen this movie when I was much younger and only recently remembered it, and I feel this movie would have made a lot more sense if our main character was a sheepdog puppy instead of a lamb. Perhaps he's told to hide when the wolf shows up and sees what happened later, goes off to train with what he assumes is a different wolf and only finds out that it's the same one at the end of the movie. then the reason the sheep were scared of him at the end would make a lot more sense as he looks more like the wolf. Sorry for the long comment, I'm a quiet a talker.

  34. LegenderyT-Rex Needs guns plz

    LegenderyT-Rex Needs guns plz

    پیش 16 روز

    Can you do coco next

  35. SquirtsDoTheFlirts


    پیش 16 روز

    The Ringing Bell: Bird and her babies die and its sad Shrek: ha ha the ladi ate the babie and birb go popp

  36. Rafay Jamil

    Rafay Jamil

    پیش 16 روز

    Or yeah maybe sheep's ARE assholes

  37. Rafay Jamil

    Rafay Jamil

    پیش 16 روز

    Well lesson might be something like When u try to kill the monster u actually become the monster. Right???????

  38. Rafay Jamil

    Rafay Jamil

    پیش 16 روز

    Bro that shrek scene I had the same reaction tho

  39. Nick Montoya

    Nick Montoya

    پیش 17 روز

    Steve: No no...everything is fine Me: yeah..........for NOW

  40. Win Con Gaming

    Win Con Gaming

    پیش 17 روز

    fuck dem dogs yo

  41. Gaby SSB

    Gaby SSB

    پیش 17 روز

    3:29 thank you for the spoiler alert :)

  42. Jorge Silva

    Jorge Silva

    پیش 18 روز

    I usually really enjoy your videos but this one kinda rubbed me wrong... Like most of the video is commentary like 'whaaaaat? This children allegorical story isn't realistic??? The horns are wroooong? Why does everyone laugh at eggs in Shrek, a movie scene framed as a comedy, but not the egg scene in chirin, a heavy and dramatic scene.... Whaaaaaaaat' Still mate, really enjoy your channel keep it up.

  43. tony shumway

    tony shumway

    پیش 18 روز

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  44. Redhed 69

    Redhed 69

    پیش 18 روز

    I showed this movie to my sister and she cried so hard lmao

  45. Nbjk01


    پیش 18 روز

    as dumb as this.may sound i just seams like a lesson on sides and in a way a very christian way of looking at how sides are determined. as the fence is used as a symbol of the line between good and "evil" more than adult and childhood. and at the end he had already given up his life under the shepard so the sheep couldnt see him as a sheep even though he may have saved them and by defying the wolf he showed that he still had not forgotten the fact that he was what he was thus placing him on the fence between predator and prey making him neither. in short terms if one does not decide to be on one side then one shall belong to neither

  46. SaintTheRam


    پیش 19 روز

    someone put ed sheerans face on the lamb. Call it Ed Chirin

  47. some dude

    some dude

    پیش 19 روز

    J a p a n e s e A n i m e

  48. Pierre Smith

    Pierre Smith

    پیش 19 روز

    japan wouldnt be japan if they didnt make a show where the main character wants a master

  49. Cam Reyes

    Cam Reyes

    پیش 19 روز

    hmm why does woe look like bec noir???

  50. not cats

    not cats

    پیش 19 روز

    When it comes to most movies, I usually judge them with my own stupid little method of Counting on my fingers the amount of questionable or none kid moments. Each one that happens. You put down a finger, one full hand goes down? Pg 13-, two? not for kids. Anyways- this is a dumb way of saying 2/10. Not spoopy enough for my pumkin month >:( 🎃👻

  51. WinxJedi


    پیش 19 روز

    Why do I think that grown-up Chirin looks kinda like Griffith from Berserk?

  52. Sterling Rike

    Sterling Rike

    پیش 20 روز

    hey look its a cute anime movie *hears that it was suggested* now all the little lamps will *DIE*



    پیش 20 روز

    What?! That’s such a dark ending the ....

  54. Osake Channel

    Osake Channel

    پیش 20 روز

    Lesson: Sheep really /are/ assholes.

  55. Zuza B

    Zuza B

    پیش 20 روز

    You can actually change the shape of horns by creating a pressure on growing, young horns. His horns looks like they were bend forward instead of back so they probably have worked on their shape with the wolf. I have no explanation why his legs are so long though....

  56. Rigby Productions

    Rigby Productions

    پیش 20 روز

    Not every movie has a moral. Some just exist to tell a story.

  57. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ -

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ -

    پیش 20 روز

    men nma klayapma beyarda?, bilmadim hosir, kienroch bilaman deboylayman. coramis

  58. Xc Xc

    Xc Xc

    پیش 20 روز

    Do godzilla

  59. Arrf Ffff

    Arrf Ffff

    پیش 20 روز

    You think this relationship is bad Look up yujiro and Baki

  60. ONI Section Zero

    ONI Section Zero

    پیش 21 روز

    Should've made him kill the sheep so the story could come back to not being consumed by vengeance.

  61. Ghazghkull Thraka

    Ghazghkull Thraka

    پیش 21 روز

    15:00 To be fair to the other sheep, he did kill all the guard dogs, which probably makes him pretty disagreeable in their eyes.



    پیش 21 روز

    Prob a rhino or elephant

  63. Lily Thompson

    Lily Thompson

    پیش 21 روز

    At 6.08 the Music that plays In the background is similar to the music that plays in the 1951 Disney film Alice in Wonderland- When Alice is Falling down the Rabbit Hole in the begining.

  64. MarK4901


    پیش 22 روز

    Holly shit, i was one of the kids that were terryfied of that Shrek bird scene

  65. stone rock

    stone rock

    پیش 22 روز

    He became oni chirin lol

  66. saiyanprince989


    پیش 23 روز

    Man I love this movie.

  67. S WxIxLxLxIxAxMxS

    S WxIxLxLxIxAxMxS

    پیش 23 روز

    ♫ Ba Ba Black Sheep, have you any soul? ♫ No, sir, by the way~ *SHEEP ARE ASSHOLES* Also, at 16:45 Obviously, that bear was scared silly~ xP

  68. Olive Marie

    Olive Marie

    پیش 23 روز

    This movie made me cry

  69. Southern Bella Donna

    Southern Bella Donna

    پیش 23 روز

    I just don't understand how Chirin can actually be more adorable than an actual lamb, lol because those are cuter than anything I have ever seen until Chirin.

  70. Som Somi

    Som Somi

    پیش 24 روز

    I guess Woe knew that sheep are assholes 💀

  71. Kintsuta


    پیش 25 روز

    You are right. There is no animal with front-facing horns. Why would you risk injuring your eyes and face with a front-facing attack? Horns in nature point backwards to attack with a "raking" motion - more damage for less effort. Chirin certainly has a case of artistic license of biology. He goes from prey to predator, hence his more menacing horns.

  72. Abby Childress

    Abby Childress

    پیش 25 روز

    Do mother sheep actually dive onto their children to protect them?

  73. Muhammad Bana

    Muhammad Bana

    پیش 26 روز

    The babirusa

  74. Anne Onomous

    Anne Onomous

    پیش 27 روز

    I thought the representation was one of the most simple of one's: Life is not fair. You can become the person of goals, but you will lose along the way.

  75. Ambient Ghost

    Ambient Ghost

    پیش 27 روز

    The lesson is not to become the thing you hate.

  76. David clarkson

    David clarkson

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    Omg why

  77. Martin Silvan

    Martin Silvan

    پیش 28 روز

    5:51 They're not (only) assholes. Sheep are normal people, they don't really care about the others. And they approve change as long as themselves don't have to change their own habits and make efforts. People are egoistic.

  78. alex rheeder

    alex rheeder

    پیش 29 روز

    I think that bull is the closed thing to his horns .... if not...?

  79. Mike the Knight

    Mike the Knight

    پیش 29 روز

    Why does the lamb look like a toddler in dippers lamb costume?

  80. zakfett92


    پیش ماه

    In regards to how the sheep act, I think it's a matter of them being consigned to their fate; they live their lives as comfortable as they can while accepting they'll be eaten someday (kinda like the rabbits from the warren of the shiny wire in Watership Down). By training under the wolf, Chirin rejected his complacent nature, which is reflected in how his appearance changes into an unnatural animal near the end. Even though he saves the sheep they reject him because for all intents and purposes he's no longer one of them and their nature is to fear anything unlike them.

  81. sepheronx


    پیش ماه

    All Japanese Studio's seem to create some kind of dark movie even if they do mostly children's stories. In the past, Japanese children's stories were quite dark. Most of them (I do not know if all of them were as I am not Japanese but used to read a lot of their children stories when I was young). Now with all that said, I dont think I have ever watched a movie more depressing and saddening as I did with Grave of the Fireflies. I hand it to the Japanese, they managed to get much more emotions out of me than most stories.

  82. Anonymous Nether

    Anonymous Nether

    پیش ماه

    the morale of the story is that sheep are assholes

  83. Cherry


    پیش ماه

    Thats how mafia works

  84. Cherry


    پیش ماه

    Tasty. Idk

  85. ShinobiSkull


    پیش ماه

    I love how many times you use the Thomas face

  86. Drswag 007

    Drswag 007

    پیش ماه

    plus it's a good piece of 70s anime.

  87. Marrok48


    پیش ماه

    Those things are perrie dogs, which are the cutest animals you will find on this side of the world.

  88. PrinceLuigii


    پیش ماه

    What this movie shows is that if you seek vengeance by doing the evils that evil did to you, you are no different than the evil that wronged you.

  89. Califf Toten

    Califf Toten

    پیش ماه

    It's almost like the lesson is life is cruel and unfair, and doing the right thing is a lonely path.

  90. Trenton Hamilton

    Trenton Hamilton

    پیش ماه

    The wolf isn't the Villian, the sheep herd are the Villians; they showed little empathy when Shirin lost his mother to the wolf, they never bothered to search for him on day break, and even though he spared their lives from the wolf, they refuse to welcome Shirin home with open arms because of the fear and hatred which they have created. *NO GOOD DEED EVER GOES UNPUNISHED* that's the moral I see.

  91. stillblazin95


    پیش ماه

    What the frick 😦 5:26

  92. stillblazin95


    پیش ماه

    Well that’s one thing I did not want to see to day 8:50

  93. Crystal Morse

    Crystal Morse

    پیش ماه

    Well I also think the point of the story is it’s better to remain innocent and true to your nature then perverse yourself by forcefully changing who you are. You’ll only be an outcast and unrecognizable. That’s what I always assumed the lesson was.

  94. NEL Productions

    NEL Productions

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    For some reason, I think the lamb looks like a telitubbie on its four legs.

  95. woooudo


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    .. The moral is along the lines of 'Innocence turns to becoming jaded and in fury becoming what someone wanted to either become strong enough to fight or destroy, Leading to tragedy and also the lives of animals are full of this in the wild'

  96. King of my hero academia

    King of my hero academia

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    Tyrannosaurus toys tyrannosaurus horns

  97. Angel Vivar-Orduna

    Angel Vivar-Orduna

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  98. Pyretta Blaze

    Pyretta Blaze

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    I don't feel Fiona or Chirin could have cared for the eggs or babies so eating them was probably for the best

  99. SnazzGirl0624


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    Huh. This is a pretty bittersweet story.

  100. Hektols


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    Mixing some cartoony gags in serious stories was a common thing in japanese manga and animation of that time, the best example would Osamu Tezuka's stories. The moral of the story is that you have to stick to your decissions: if he didn't abandon his inital revenge purpose he wouldn't have felt remorse when he killed the Wolf, if he decided to help the Wolf to kill the sheep he would have kept his father figure. Due to his half assed decissions he lost everything. My theory is that the Wolf killed both his mother an him, the sheep don't confort him because he was a ghost, it explains why the Wolf didn't kill him when they met again, why he could survive those falls, why the collar grew with him and why he grew so strong and with those strange horns, he became a demon, the scene where he grows up looks quite demonic, it also would explain whey the other sheep were scared of him, they didn't see another sheep but a demon.