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Steve Reviews: The Last Unicorn

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This week Steve Reviews The Last Unicorn, a film I have seen regularly requested in the comments section. A 1982 Japanese-American animation taking place in your typical medieval fantasy land, but may not be your typical fairytale adventure...
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  1. Kathrine Something Or Whatever

    Kathrine Something Or Whatever

    پیش 11 ساعت

    So THIS was Dan Avidan’s childhood

  2. Amanda Jones

    Amanda Jones

    پیش 14 ساعت

    My dad gave me this movie when I was a kid before he died.

  3. Matthew


    پیش 15 ساعت

    I don't know why I'm here, I should probably get back to modding Fallout 4. Excuse me.

  4. Trogdor The Burninator

    Trogdor The Burninator

    پیش 17 ساعت

    The last unicorn is a great film.

  5. Moocyfarus


    پیش روز

    Whoever this shit critic is totally dates himself by looking down at this movie the entire time, I watched this thing religiously as a child as a teenager and I still love watching us a grown up I can't imagine what is sad narrow arrogant person you would have to be to look down your nose at this movie and not be moved by it. In the words of the critical Drinker of far far far better critic,, go away now. You haven't been coming up in my feed very long and thanks to your arrogance you shall never show up there again

  6. kirby march barcena

    kirby march barcena

    پیش روز

    I didn't mind the flaws in this movie when I first saw it from my gramps' Sony Betamax and Trinitron tv, I just enjoyed it as it is.

  7. Gabe Anzek

    Gabe Anzek

    پیش روز

    shmendrick basically means idiot in Yiddish lol

  8. Amanda Fredette

    Amanda Fredette

    پیش 2 روز

    18:34 Tis a knight in shining rubber indeed. XD

  9. Smogget


    پیش 2 روز

    The butterfly's presence and design are off compared to the rest of the movie because he is meant to represent Peter S. Beagle, both visually and as a kind of narrator. It was an interesting idea, but it didn't work at all.

  10. Yuna Bosch

    Yuna Bosch

    پیش 2 روز

    When some when says The Last Unicorn Me: IM ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE

  11. Aliandrin


    پیش 3 روز

    The love element not being incorporated that well is what makes it perfect. It's an obstacle. It's an antagonist.

  12. Abny Hiritoshi

    Abny Hiritoshi

    پیش 3 روز

    . . . The Last Unicorn (which I have a DVD on-) is very....oLd-

  13. clare zajac

    clare zajac

    پیش 4 روز

    Love this movie and every America song

  14. Sarah James

    Sarah James

    پیش 4 روز

    RUBBISH 🤢😂😂😂

  15. Opal Draws

    Opal Draws

    پیش 4 روز

    I remember when I was little my parents asked me what movie I wanted to watch and named some movies. This was one of them. I chose it because I LOVED unicorns back then. My whole family hated it because the songs were kinda weird

  16. bea mccarthy

    bea mccarthy

    پیش 4 روز

    The unicorns are back😁🦄🤣

  17. T Ric

    T Ric

    پیش 4 روز

    Had that very specific 70's-early 80's anime feel.

  18. NeuroticPixieSlasher


    پیش 5 روز

    Oh, wow. I had this on a VHS in the 90s. Problem was, it was a bootleg Russian VHS, so all parts were dubbed over by one dude who sounded like he was wearing a clothespin on his nose (which it turns out really was the case - look up the article "The Bootleg Video Vans of the Soviet Union" on The Atlantic). I remember being completely mesmerized by it, and watching it over and over again (yes, I was the class "pony girl"). Then I stopped watching it for a while for some reason, and when I came back to it several years later I could no longer tolerate that dub. I have since watched it again in English, as an adult - but the magic was gone. I tried reading the book in my late 20s - but couldn't get into it, and don't even feel like trying anymore. That bootleg Last Unicorn tape with a nasal single-voice dub was an integral part of my childhood. It is fitting that both are now dead.

  19. imPAWSible :3

    imPAWSible :3

    پیش 5 روز

    Me seeing the title: oh hey i remember loving this movie as a younger kid! Me watching the video: *MY LIFE IS RUINED*

  20. Sion Peters

    Sion Peters

    پیش 5 روز

    Bruh that's not love he take advantage of she having no memory

  21. Swine Rider

    Swine Rider

    پیش 5 روز

    If he truly loved her, he would have transformed into a unicorn ...

  22. Wojtek Ch

    Wojtek Ch

    پیش 6 روز

    bl ack cr imes mat ter

  23. Mark Martillaro

    Mark Martillaro

    پیش 6 روز

    We should do a review on the lord of the rings animated movie?

  24. Official Renegades

    Official Renegades

    پیش 6 روز

    18:35 *squeaky toy noise*

  25. Dark_Wolf_Sakaki


    پیش 8 روز

    I used to really wanna watch this when I was little. Now I really don’t want to 🤣 Also, aren’t most princes pretty useless in movies including a “Princess”?

  26. Lieutenant BaconWaffles

    Lieutenant BaconWaffles

    پیش 8 روز

    Bass is pronounced like the fish, not like Base. I've read the book, which is quite small, & I think it was a pretty straightforward adaptation. The relationships really were that shallow. The official soundtrack CD was a letdown. Some were cover songs by different singers rather than the voice actors. How about A Flight of Dragons? Same animation studio.

  27. Pops


    پیش 8 روز

    I honestly really hate this film

  28. V͞e͞r͞m͞i͞n͞ D͞A͞F͞U͞R͞R͞U͞Y͞

    V͞e͞r͞m͞i͞n͞ D͞A͞F͞U͞R͞R͞U͞Y͞

    پیش 8 روز

    Jessi vee another yt) she watched this when she was little -_-

  29. *Queen of Hearts*

    *Queen of Hearts*

    پیش 8 روز

    I absolutely loved this as a child and I still do

  30. LPSRainbowFez


    پیش 8 روز

    Even as a kid I always hated the forced love B-plot. Many times we watched it as a family, I would just have to walk away until around the part with the drunk skeleton

  31. Jimbooski Man

    Jimbooski Man

    پیش 8 روز


  32. ryan hickey

    ryan hickey

    پیش 8 روز

    I was a little kid watching this it's the first anime cartoon that I can remember so awesome

  33. Serenity now

    Serenity now

    پیش 9 روز

    I've been wondering how much this "love" sub-plots influence real life relationships, especially how they mold little children's expectations. Would people still pair up if they didn't grow up imitating the forced relationships they watch on tv shows/cartoons? No show/movie escapes the "love sub-plot"

  34. Serenity now

    Serenity now

    پیش 9 روز

    At least the monkey will be able to die. Mami Fortuna may have kept him alife and suffering

  35. Edgar Fernandez Benshimol

    Edgar Fernandez Benshimol

    پیش 10 روز

    Is bad is bad

  36. spring trap

    spring trap

    پیش 10 روز

    Tjat tree scene always made me laugh 😂😂

  37. tmmaco 323

    tmmaco 323

    پیش 10 روز

    Isn't this done with the same art as the hobbit and the return of the king animated movies?

  38. HumanTiCK


    پیش 10 روز

    A lot of fairy tales have shite love stories. One reason for this is that they are of course hyperbole. Another I've read of is that they are modeled after a medieval tradition where love of purity was the love. But it wasn't necessary romantic or sexual love. Though this really got muddled and shenanigans ensued.

  39. Uno Carb

    Uno Carb

    پیش 10 روز

    If Wizards and Heavy Metal had a down syndrome kid this would be it!

  40. spooky sadie

    spooky sadie

    پیش 10 روز


  41. Pita Ariel

    Pita Ariel

    پیش 10 روز

    My favorite movie ever.

  42. Matthew Sharpe

    Matthew Sharpe

    پیش 10 روز

    It's a novella more than a novel - generally can be found in a anthology of other Beagle novellas. It's one of his early stories, and the dude had a lot of woman issues when he was young which is why the Unicorn is such a fickle creature. He actually expresses regret in his later writings how harsh he was on the characterizations of his female characters in some of his work.

  43. stephanie obeirnes

    stephanie obeirnes

    پیش 10 روز

    The beginning i liked but the prince only liked her because she was pretty. In the book she didn't fall for him but scolded him many times for his vanity. I totally agree with you about the so called love plot. She did revive him at the end in the book though

  44. Alex Lynn

    Alex Lynn

    پیش 10 روز

    Lol in the book Lir straight up gets his head smashed by the bull and dies. On the movie it's a lot more vague if hes dead or just unconscious.

    • Alex Lynn

      Alex Lynn

      پیش 10 روز

      Lir and Amalthea get more time to develop in the book also, but I still love it in the movie. Also in a second part written later, Lir becomes king and adopts a unicorn as his and his kingdoms symbol.

  45. Bethany Melendez

    Bethany Melendez

    پیش 10 روز

    Dude. Hard disagree.

  46. HeidiMeowz Nya

    HeidiMeowz Nya

    پیش 11 روز

    Imagine seeing a vulture with 3 boobs. I’d be terrified

  47. Kristen Nelson

    Kristen Nelson

    پیش 11 روز

    Literally my very first "favorite" movie (which just happened to come out the same year I was born - it Was a good year!😉)! I've continued to love it, understanding it's complexities with age. It really IS a masterpiece, silly as that sounds... 🦄💜

  48. BudenniyS


    پیش 11 روز

    You definitely should review Wizards by Ralph Baskin.

  49. Imaginerian Trash

    Imaginerian Trash

    پیش 11 روز

    I remember having this movie on dvd. I think i still have it somewhere in a box or something. I loved this movie when I was a kid :/

  50. Kevin Sooley

    Kevin Sooley

    پیش 12 روز

    Spencer uses him magic to escape in which this happens lol

  51. •Winter Anxiety•

    •Winter Anxiety•

    پیش 12 روز

    Honestly, I still love the last unicorn. It was a big part of my childhood, I watched it alot and it was the only thing that got me somewhat into unicorns. Though it can be kinda dark, and that one scene... with the tree.. I still think it's a great movie. But I will forever fcking HATE that butterfly.

  52. Χριστίνα Παπακώστα

    Χριστίνα Παπακώστα

    پیش 12 روز

    9:23 😂🤣 i died



    پیش 12 روز

    god I remember this movie

  54. シCrystal Wolfie

    シCrystal Wolfie

    پیش 13 روز


  55. Tech-San ANONYMOUS

    Tech-San ANONYMOUS

    پیش 13 روز

    I recall seeing this on Netflix.

  56. Knute


    پیش 13 روز

    Danny Sexbang did a great job singing last unicorn

  57. Alexandre Or Alex Archambault

    Alexandre Or Alex Archambault

    پیش 13 روز

    At the scene where Smendrick (I think) was tied to the tree and Steve « and then this happened » an ad just popped up.



    پیش 14 روز

    I loved this movie as a kid, but when I saw it again I realized how weird it was. The novel is amazing though.

  59. saiyanprince989


    پیش 14 روز

    This movie is freaking great!!!

  60. Danny Brown

    Danny Brown

    پیش 14 روز

    The unicorn when her loved one is hurt: Oh no! I must heal him. The unicorn when she sees a limping chimpanzee: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  61. Delaney Conn

    Delaney Conn

    پیش 14 روز

    This was my favourite movie when I was a little kid. (I'm 14) I recently re-watched it with my best friend and she hid in the bathroom for the whole movie after she saw the tree scene.

  62. Delaney Conn

    Delaney Conn

    پیش 14 روز

    This was my favourite movie when I was a little kid. (I'm 14) I recently re-watched it with my best friend and she hid in the bathroom for the whole movie after she saw the tree scene.

  63. Juin Yuki

    Juin Yuki

    پیش 14 روز

    i KNOW i'm late, but.... its the first time watching this in english and... oh boy... you all said the voice actors doing a good job... king haggard yes but all others, especially the unicorn and schmendrick are soooo bad. i grew up with this film in germany, so i watched it (of course) in german, and the voices for the charakters are so much better! the unicorn sound mythical, old and wise, but arrogant (there true nature), the english one sound like a teenager or a child, to young for an immortal (jet old) unicorn. aside that, i agree with everithing all the other comments said, you dont watched the film and made it sound really bad, you clearly missed the plot

  64. WisK


    پیش 15 روز

    I forgot this movie

  65. Matthew Curran

    Matthew Curran

    پیش 16 روز

    I shit you not, when you brought up the part where the unicorn returns the feeling of love to the prince, simply cause he starts singing. I got a Pandora ad! 😂 Prime indeed! Great video man!

  66. owenson14


    پیش 16 روز

    Have you ever did one on Rock and Rule

  67. Starcade X

    Starcade X

    پیش 16 روز

    **insert meme here**

  68. Aiden Sheridan

    Aiden Sheridan

    پیش 17 روز

    The harpy is pretty much a mythical creature that is a medieval soul taker that is depicted with tits it’s real and looks like that

  69. Tribsta 101

    Tribsta 101

    پیش 19 روز

    I have this on vhs

  70. joydrawsart


    پیش 19 روز

    There not being wine was intentional

  71. Sara Herrmann

    Sara Herrmann

    پیش 20 روز

    This is such a great movie to me anyways....its amazing

  72. Precious Alvarenga

    Precious Alvarenga

    پیش 20 روز

    Idk man butterflies can travel 265 miles a day

  73. I. R.

    I. R.

    پیش 21 روز

    "To which... This happens" *Two unskipable ads*

  74. Your Friendly Neighborhood Bitch, Karen

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Bitch, Karen

    پیش 22 روز

    One of my most adored movie! As well as The Dark Crystal The music is so beautiful I hope you don't say anything shitty

  75. Elli In Korea

    Elli In Korea

    پیش 22 روز

    *sees the thumbnail* Yeah this review is gonna be horrible

  76. Okuyasu Nijimura

    Okuyasu Nijimura

    پیش 22 روز

    Magician turns a unicorn into a hentai character....

  77. rulo cheewe

    rulo cheewe

    پیش 22 روز

    in 1980 was a butterfly now we call them hipsters....

  78. Ivy Ripple

    Ivy Ripple

    پیش 23 روز

    I loved the movie when I was young 🥺

  79. Dabkatt


    پیش 23 روز

    I knew I recognized this

  80. YowLife


    پیش 23 روز

    I always thought the tree had big oversized mitten hands.

  81. Joshua Knight THE REAL KNIGHT

    Joshua Knight THE REAL KNIGHT

    پیش 24 روز

    Did anyone notice that the animation has a LORD OF THE RINGS Kinda feel

    • Enharmonics


      پیش 22 روز

      Well, the same studio did do an animated adaptation of The Hobbit and The Return of the King (not The Fellowship and The Two Towers though, for some reason), and those actually predate this movie, so in a way, I guess you can say this art style was made for The Lord of the Rings

  82. amv wolfgirl

    amv wolfgirl

    پیش 24 روز

    my sister used to love this movie when she was little. I believe she got it on dvd for her birthday when she was five.

  83. LeoB Goo

    LeoB Goo

    پیش 25 روز

    12:08 I too noticed the derailment of the plot as a kid...what happened to finding the unicorns; what's this stupid love interest and then sad ending - no one's happy!

  84. FayDimbleby


    پیش 25 روز

    I... I watched this movie a lot as a kid, and do not remember any of this.

  85. Skunk Man

    Skunk Man

    پیش 25 روز

    Rankin and bass productions is also responsible for the stop motion Christmas classic movies like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, Santa Claus is coming to town, and the year without a Santa Claus

  86. laust 7170

    laust 7170

    پیش 26 روز

    Haha talking cat go purr

  87. Tk Powell

    Tk Powell

    پیش 26 روز

    Still funny to watch the prince land like a sqeaky toy 😂😂🤣

  88. Isobel Mckell

    Isobel Mckell

    پیش 26 روز

    the butterfly is so annoying

  89. LeMizra


    پیش 27 روز

    The "falter in the plot" is intentional - it actually part OF the plot. Her loosing her memories, her identity, and allowing Shmendrick to undergo the abuse that he does (luckily, they glaze over that in the animation) is actually a huge plot hook and a thing that the Unicorn (Lady Amalthea) must both realize (with the help of Molly) and overcome... Essentially- she has to learn to look outside of herself (as being selfish is easy)... The plot didn't fall apart, you just somehow missed the point of that turn of events.

  90. Lpshorder8


    پیش 27 روز

    Chicken run

  91. Cat Santos

    Cat Santos

    پیش 27 روز

    I would’ve fancied it greatly if THE PRINCE somehow turned HIMSELF into a unicorn so he could be with Amalthia 🦄 💘🦄

  92. Skull


    پیش 28 روز

    ......yep cool -_- thank for advise Stevie not gonna drink redbull ever again 2:24 thanks alot really.

  93. LupusCirrus


    پیش 28 روز

    This movie was my entire childhood and i still fucking love it

  94. Ivan Renić

    Ivan Renić

    پیش 29 روز

    I watched this movie so many times when I was younger. I think I was about 5 years old when I watched it for the first time. Strangely I never felt disturbed by it, I loved it. And I still think that the movie is great!

  95. Frogchickk


    پیش 29 روز

    Three tits. Awesome 😎

  96. tii ii12

    tii ii12

    پیش 29 روز

    This movie was such a big part of my childhood I actually stole the disc from my library when I was 9

  97. ShinobiSkull


    پیش 29 روز

    Whoever designed some of these characters has some weird fetishes

  98. pumpkinjbggezro


    پیش ماه

    I want to fuck a unicorn tree

  99. Casey


    پیش ماه

    Bruh I remember this movie so damn well it’s scary

  100. Jehovah • Jireh

    Jehovah • Jireh

    پیش ماه

    What movie is the cat from 9:16 from?